Growing up on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation in Northern Minnesota, Annie lived in a home filled with voices made of thunder and nothing could stop it.  Her parents were brilliant people individually.  Her father, a singer and musician and her mother an artist and poet.  Together they made sadness.  Each of her parents taught Annie the beautiful things they knew.  They showed her that she carried their gifts in her hands too.  This is how creating art and music came about for her.  This is  what saved her.  This is how she lives now.

Things my dad taught me:

skin a deer, set net, clean fish, make maple syrup, harvest wild rice, play basketball, ride motorcycle, go without if you can't afford it, play guitar

Things my mom taught me:

draw, paint, sew, write, laugh, wonder, forgive

Annie has 4 children and 2 grandsons.  She has a handsome, Indian, horseman husband.  They inspire her spirit and her art.

Journeys of feeling
her song her voice
reflecting spirit

Story telling
People’s story
Woman’s story

Helping the music
to remember
what is real

Ancestor memories
Dealing with nows
Shadow worlds

An Ancient way
For the healing
A woman sings
— John Trudell, Poem